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Seattle is lucky to have so many talented musicians. I’m convinced it is due in large part to our top-notch schools, such as Cornish College of the Arts, the University of Washington’s School of Music, and the high school jazz programs at Garfield and Roosevelt.

The City of Seattle contributes, too, by supporting local music through its City of Music initiative, dedicated to advancing Seattle’s music culture and recognizing its leaders such as Paul Allen, Gerard Schwarz, Brandie Carlile, Clarence Acox, Quincy Jones, the Fleet Foxes and the radio station KEXP.

Among Seattle’s musicians are many who don’t receive the attention they might deserve. So, several years ago I created Seattle Composer, a web page intended to showcase music one might not otherwise have the opportunity to hear. Currently, seven composers are posted on the site. Check ‘em out and let me know what you think.

The most recent Seattle Composer is John Teske, whose music explores new sound-colors, ethereal and other-worldly, some very influenced by the new sounds being created in electronic music. While he says he derives influence from contemporary electronic music, his focus lies in acoustic music and live concert experiences.

Another one of the Seattle Composer website musicians, Tom Baker, will be performing next spring at Cornish College. Check out the school’s performance calendar for more information on Tom’s performance as well as many others.

If you know composers who might be interested in being represented on Seattle Composer, please let my legislative aide Frank Video know by emailing him at

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