Action Summary, Monday 7/30/12

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The following is a summation of Council actions at today’s 2:00 p.m. Full Council meeting.

No absences.


1. Resolution 31394 ADOPTED AS AMENDED (7 – 2, Burgess and Harrell Opposed)

Considering the sale of certain water system facilities and transfer of a portion of retail water service to the City of Shoreline.           


2. Council Bill 117497 PASSED (9 – 0)

Relating to the Transit Corridor Projects project; removing restrictions in the 2012 Adopted Budget that limit the Seattle Department of Transportation’s spending in the Mobility-Capital BCL; and revising project allocations in the 2012-2017 Capital Improvement Program. 

3. Council Bill 117509 PASSED (9 – 0)

Relating to the Traffic Code; allowing payment for parking in City public rights-of-way by mobile device; authorizing the Director of Transportation to enter into contracts and to set convenience fees to be charged for pay by mobile device services; amending Sections 11.14.425, 11.76.005, 11.76.010 and 11.76.015 of the Seattle Municipal Code; and adding a new Section 11.16.127.        


4. Council Bill 117504 PASSED (9 – 0)

Relating to the City Light Department and authorizing the Superintendent of the City Light Department to accept on behalf of the City the new license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to operate Seattle’s Boundary Dam Hydroelectric Project (FERC Project No. 2144); and ratifying and confirming prior acts.           

5. Resolution 31397 ADOPTED (9 – 0)

Relating to the City Light Department; acknowledging the 2012 Integrated Resource Plan for future conservation and power resources needed to provide reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible electric power to the citizens of Seattle as conforming with the public policy objectives of the City of Seattle and the requirements of the State of Washington; and approving the plan for the biennium September 2012 through August 2014.

6. Clerk File 312464 CONFIRMED (9 – 0)

Appointment of Chris Roe as member, Seattle City Light Review Panel, for a term of confirmation to April 11, 2015.


7. Council Bill 117516 PASSED AS AMENDED (9 – 0)

Relating to land use and zoning, amending Sections 23.40.060 and 23.41.012 of the Seattle Municipal Code to provide additional design departures under the Demonstration Program for Living Building Design implemented by Section 23.40.060.           

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