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The July and August Walk Bike Ride Challenge is On!

Summer is here and it’s a great time to get outside and explore your neighborhood and your city. Take advantage of the nicer weather and get out of your car and on your feet for the July-August Walk Bike Ride Challenge. Lots of trips we take are two miles or less, meaning we all have many  opportunities to try a new of getting around while enjoying our great summer weather.

Sign up now, swap at least two car trips per week for walking, biking and riding transit, track them on your personal online trip calendar and you could win some great prizes – including an electric bike and night at the Pan Pacific Hotel! The more trips you log, the more chances you have to win. Your participation helps create a more livable Seattle and a more healthy you! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Get moving, get active, get prizes! Take the Walk Bike Ride Challenge this Summer!
For full details, visit: www.seattle.gov/waytogo

Below is a description of how the program works (from SDOT’s Walk Bike Ride Challenge website:

You can now register for the July & August round of the program.

We have a brand new Facebook Connect feature that allows you to post your trips as well as your gas and carbon savings directly to Facebook! Enjoy our new Facebook Connect when you register.

You may participate in as many rounds as you like, however you will only be eligible to win prizes (except for the end of year prizes) for your first two rounds. See “Program Rules” for details.

Register for the program, convert at least two car trips per week and report your trips on your personal calendar each week. You earn one chance to win a prize for each trip you change. You can join at any point and start converting car trips to walking, biking, transit or carpool.

We’ll send emails containing tips on walking, biking and riding to help you reduce car trips. You can view your saved trip chart to see how many car trips you have reduced, and compare your results with all of the program participants in the group chart.

Program Rules for Walk Bike Ride Challenge
Rules for people under 16 years old

Download our t-shirt design! You can print it at home and put on a t-shirt to let people know you did the challenge.