Looking closer at the Arena Review Panel Final Report

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This past Wednesday, April 4th, the Arena Review Panel, a citizens group appointed by Mayor McGinn and County Executive Constantine, released their final report. The panel examined an agreement that would be between the City, County and the investor Chris Hansen to fund a new sports arena for a professional basketball and hockey team. The Panel was asked to adhere to three principles: 1) existing General Fund resources are protected; 2) the City and County should be significantly protected from any financial risks; and 3) the partnership should result in an investment to the community and region.

While the media correctly caught the gist of the Panel’s conclusion that that “the proposal is favorable, has promise, and generally consistent with the principles set forth by the Mayor and County Executive,” the Panel also found that there are many “important issues to be worked through to ensure these principles are met and to address other issues of importance to the community.” They recommended that the City “begin the processes that are required to address the multitude of issues at play…”

I examine their concerns in further detail in my Urban Politics # 320 newsletter.