Auckland’s Waterfront Can Have It All!

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Auckland’s waterfront can have it all.

By: Blair Cunningham | Latest Auckland News | Wednesday March 28 2012 9:21

An international symposium of waterfront development leaders is meeting in Auckland this week, looking at issues facing cities around the world wanting to revitalise their water’s edge.

One of the council’s represented is Seattle and chairman of the council’s transportation committee Tom Rasmussen is there.

He says Auckland’s going the right way about its waterfront.

“It’s very similar to Seattle, although ours is a little bit on a bluff above the water, yours is a little bit closer down towards the water. You’ve done a great job connecting people back to their water.”

Mr Rasmussen says despite Auckland’s perceived resentment towards containers and cranes, it can all work together.

“We are going to keep our cranes, we love our blue collar jobs they pay very well for many people. We also want access to the water and that’s what we’re working towards.”

Mr Rasmussen says Seattle locals love their waterfront, cranes and containers included.

He also says he doesn’t think Aucklanders’ resentment of the port is as strong as has been publicised.