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Legislation passed March 5, 2012, and filed with the City Clerk

PDF copies of the original, signed documents are available in the database record linked below:

Ord. 123833
C.B. 117387

AN ORDINANCE relating to the Seattle Streetcar; authorizing execution of a construction contract for the First Hill Streetcar Project; authorizing an amendment to an agreement with the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority to revise the invoicing schedule for the Project; and ratifying and confirming prior acts.

Ord. 123834
C.B. 117395

AN ORDINANCE relating to the 2011 Families and Education Levy; approving an implementation and evaluation plan as required by Ordinance 123567; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.

Ord. 123835
C.B. 117397

AN ORDINANCE relating to the North Downtown electrical substation, distribution network, and associated transmission improvements in the South Lake Union Urban Center; removing two budget provisos that limit spending of appropriations in the 2009 Adopted Budget; adding a new project and revising project allocations for certain projects in the 2012-2017 Adopted CIP; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.

Ord. 123836
C.B. 117402

AN ORDINANCE relating to a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the purpose of implementing the Neighborhood Equitable Transit Oriented Development (NET) Initiative, a three year effort to implement priorities identified in the Rainier Valley and Beacon Hill neighborhood plans; authorizing acceptance of the grant funds; authorizing related agreements and actions; amending the 2012 Adopted Budget by creating a new Budget Control Level (BCL) for the purposes of the NET Initiative and providing an appropriation for the new BCL; and ratifying and confirming prior acts; all by a three-fourths vote of the City Council.

Ord. 123837
C.B. 117414

AN ORDINANCE relating to the City Light Department; authorizing the Superintendent or his designee to enter into two temporary tieback easement agreements with Plymouth Housing Group and Yale Partners, LLC that contain indemnity provisions on portions of Lots 11 through 16, Block 13, Pontius Fourth Addition to the City of Seattle, according to the plat thereof recorded in Volume 7 of Plats, Page 8, records of King County, Washington; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.

Ord. 123838
C.B. 117415

AN ORDINANCE appropriating money to pay certain audited claims and ordering the payment thereof.

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