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Today I’m participating in the Aging Your Way Summit.   Aging Your Way is a three-phase initiative sponsored by Senior Services that involves adults in their community’s future. It’s an interactive opportunity for Boomers like me to begin planning for services, systems and resources to support us in later life.

The Summit today will showcase what we’ve learned during the other first phases of the Summit.   There have been 12 regional Community Gatherings over the last year and a half.  Also,   Action Teams were formed in the first phase of the initiative to begin working on projects that will make the visions reality.   Today’s summit is the second phase of the Aging Your Way initiative, the goal is for participants to interact with people who are working with new community-based models to transform communities and make use of the talents and resources of the residents in the nearby areas.

Phase Three will strive to support the actions and models that result from the Summit and strengthen communities throughout the region.

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