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Councilmember Bruce Harrell to convene a Special Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology Committee meeting with South Precinct Neighborhoods

Councilmember Bruce A. Harrell

Councilmember Bruce Harrell to convene a Special Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology Committee meeting with South Precinct Neighborhoods

Seattle – Councilmember Bruce Harrell, chair of the City Council’s Public Safety, Civil Rights and Technology Committee, is beginning a series of Special Public Safety Committee meetings throughout the City. The first begins in the Southeast neighborhoods on Wednesday night. Councilmembers, the Mayor’s Office, Seattle Police Department (SPD) Command staff and officers, Fire Department representatives and community leaders will be in attendance.

Crime and the fear of crime, feeling unsafe alone at home, feeling unsafe walking alone after dark, and worrying about becoming a victim of crime, will be topics of discussion. Polling technology will be used to facilitate a dialog on ways to improve public safety. We will listen, identify solutions, and take action.

The discussion will also include topics such as: Should the City take the lead in establishing a database network to encourage groups of three or four to walk and jog together in their neighborhoods as a means to enhance health and positively activate their streets? How can Seattle incentivize community leaders and community organizations to positively activate their neighborhood streets and provide much needed outreach? How can neighbors help re-set their community norms to increase their health and vibrancy?

Public Safety and Neighborhood meeting to focus on recent public safety concerns in the South Precinct neighborhoods. This special committee meeting is being co-hosted by the Southeast Seattle Crime Prevention Council.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012, at 5:30 p.m.

Southeast Seattle Senior Center
4655 South Holly Street (Rainier Ave. South and South Holly Street)
Seattle, WA 98118

Councilmember Bruce A. Harrell
Councilmember Nick Licata
Councilmember Mike O’Brien
City Attorney Peter Holmes
Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith
Seattle Police Chief John Diaz
Seattle Deputy Police Chief Nick Metz
Seattle Assistant Chief Mike Sanford
SPD South Precinct Captain Mike Nolan
SPD Lt. John Hayes
Mark Solomon, Southwest/South Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator
Mike Walsh, Seattle Fire Assistant Chief of Operations
Pat Murakami, Southeast Crime Prevention Council
Jeannie O’Brien, Lakewood Seward Park Community Club
Bull Stewart, Bull Stewart Fitness Center
Pastor Lawrence Willis, United Black Christian Clergy of Washington
Doug Thiel, Cowen Park Neighborhood Association and Roosevelt Business Association

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