It Was Their Finest Hour

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As Snowzilla 2012 comes to an end, I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to thank all the hardworking city employees who responded and worked far above the call of duty during the emergency. These are the hardworking folks at City Light, Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Department of Transportation, Human Services Department, and others who do the hard, often unheralded, work that makes this a well-functioning city.

These folks are not what we think of when we talk about “first responders,” but it is exactly what they were. They were on the front lines doing essential work to make sure our citizens were safe.

They have done their part and done it admirably. And I know that they’ll thank           citizens when they do their part, clearing away debris and making sure that drains are functioning so that the aftermath of Snowzilla goes as smoothly as possible.

Citizens should be alert to any possible problems such as clogged drains and possible water-main breaks that may occur over the next few days because of the rapid change in ground temperature. More information is available at SPU’s website.