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Only in Seattle
The City’s ‘Only in Seattle’ campaign implements the Council’s Economic Recovery strategy (Resolution 31135, adopted in May, 2009), which called for a ‘Buy Local’ campaign to help Seattle’s neighborhood business districts.  We included this because we know that local businesses are critical parts of our community, and that dollars spent locally stay in the local economy and generate more dollars and jobs as they circulate.

The Office of Economic Development (OED) launched ‘Only in Seattle’ in November of 2010, in cooperation with five neighborhood organizations – Ballard Chamber of Commerce, Columbia City Business Association, MLK Business Association, Rainier Chamber of Commerce, and the West Seattle Junction Association.

The campaign has been so successful that this year OED is expanding it to eight more neighborhoods – Belltown, Capitol Hill, Chinatown/International District, Greenwood-Phinney, Madison Valley, Queen Anne, South Lake Union, and the University District.  The new campaign features 36 businesses that all deliver one-of-a-kind experiences and range from wine shops to butchers to the home of one of the largest video collections in the world.

The goal of ‘Only in Seattle’ is to allow small businesses to grow and flourish while reflecting the unique character of the neighborhoods where they are located.  It is designed to empower business owners to organize around a common vision and attract investment.  At the same time, the project encourages consumers to shop locally, not just because it’s a good thing, but because they can get unique value for their consumer dollar.

Each of Seattle’s neighborhoods has hidden gems for shopping and dining, and we want to encourage people to enjoy them.  The ‘Only in Seattle’ funding is further leveraged and reinforced by investments in multi-year neighborhood strategies in five critical neighborhoods – Capitol Hill, Central District, Chinatown/International District/ MLK/Rainier Valley, and Pioneer Square, with additional targeted investments in many other neighborhoods.

A particular focus is on the South Park neighborhood, where the City has teamed with The Seattle Foundation and The Chase Foundation to develop organizational and community capacity among neighborhood and business associations and service providers to create a strategic business plan.  Expect South Park to be one of the next neighborhoods to join the ‘Only in Seattle’ program!

Check out the website for more info, www.onlyinseatle.org Or you can get information on our Only in Seattle Facebook and Only in Seattle Twitter, where followers and fans will not only discover more about the businesses that are part of the campaign, but will also receive announcements about discounts, special events, new business openings and neighborhood news.  And throughout the year the Only in Seattle Facebook and Twitter accounts will serve as a locals’ and visitors’ guide to businesses in neighborhoods all across Seattle.

Visit your local businesses today!