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Last week, I posted a very unscienctific survey about a possible increase in the annual Vehcile License Fee.  A total of 434 people responded and took the survey, 420 actually answered every question, a stunningly high 97%!  Well done, folks.

You can review all of the results by clicking here.  Of course, survey's like this tend to attract the true believers and advocates, a truism for all the online polls you find at news sites and political blogs these days.  But, they're fun and give us the opportunity to share our opinions.  Who knows, we might even influence the course of human events with the next poll we complete. 

Two of my survey questions were particuarly important to me: What do you believe are the most significant problems facing Seattle today? Where should we focus our transportation investments? Here are a couple of charts with the results.

Top Problems in Seattle
Transit Vs Potholes
The City's Transportation Benefit District Governing Board votes at 11 a.m. today whether to give Seattle voters the opportunity to increase the annual VLF.  (The Board is comprised of all nine members of the City Council.)