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I have been reading some tragic blog commentaries lately between drivers who seem to loath bicycilists and some bicyclists who seem loath to ride by the rules of the road. This makes no sense to me — at one time or another, we are all walkers, riders, drivers or we know and love someone who is.   With just a bit a patience, we can care for each other.

As I have previously written,  I want to adopt a city-wide attitude where we take a deep breath and think twice before flipping someone off, or as one driver did this week, to beat his chest after pushing another car off the road.  This angry behavior led to two deaths this week, one in a car, one on a bike.    Unbearable tragedies, both.  Why would a civilized city accept this?

My goal: to have Peace on Wheels, to create places on our roads for everyone so we can all get around safely and comfortably.  Other cities are doing this — so can we.

Please take a moment to see what and Portland have accomplished together:  Neighborhood Greenways where the community comes together and rides to work and school and just for fun.  It’s inspirational and shows how we can make good use of our existing neighborhood streets, our stormwater money, and more.  This makes me smile. Being flipped off and pushed aside by a young man in a car last week didn’t.