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Metro Transit is getting ready for massive service cuts because of falling revenue from the sales tax. This is one of the negative ripples from the stagnant economy over the past three years.  Don't think it's going to be that bad?  Take a look at this map. It's so bad, I'll just post the map here as well.  (Scroll down to bottom for how you can prevent these service cuts from happening.)

You can learn all the terrible details at this Metro website, including this specific list of route cancellations and service reductions.

The King County Council is considering imposing an annual Vehicle License Fee of $20 in 2012 and 2013 to reduce the amount of service cuts.  Even with the $20 fee, Metro will be required to reduce some service levels, cut other expenses and tap their emergency reserves.  The King County Council has the option to impose the $20 fee themselves with a two-thirds majority vote or send it to the November ballot for voters to decide.  Sending it to the ballot only requires a simple majority of five votes. 

Let your King County Councilmembers know your opinion on this issue.  Here's a list of the members of the County Council.  Click to go to their webpage, then click there to send them an email message.  Tell them to directly impose the temporary, two-year $20 Vehicle License Fee themselves to avoid reductions in Metro service. 

Bob Ferguson, District 1

Larry Gossett, District 2

Kathy Lambert, District 3

Larry Phillips, District 4

Julia Patterson, District 5

Jane Hague, District 6

Pete von Reichbauer, District 7

Joe McDermott, District 8

Reagan Dunn, District 9