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Citizen’s Transportation Advisory Committee makes recommendations to City Council for $20 vehicle license fee

Councilmember Tom Rasmussen

Citizen’s Transportation Advisory Committee makes recommendations to City Council for $20 vehicle license fee
Roadway maintenance and street connectivity key priorities

SeattleThe Seattle City Council Transportation Committee chair Tom Rasmussen released the following statement on today’s recommendations from the Citizen’s Transportation Advisory Committee III (CTAC) for the $20 Vehicle License Fee (VLF) approved by the City Council acting as the Transportation Benefit District (TBD) in October 2010:

“We have heard that residents are clamoring for more reliable bus service, road repairs and for improvements to enhance bus pedestrian and bicycle safety. Today CTAC provided an update and series of recommendations for the $20 Vehicle License Fee the Transportation Benefit District began collecting last May.

“This thorough review and recommendation from CTAC reflects Seattle’s vision of an efficient, effective and safe transportation system.”

“CTAC provided a two-year recommendation today for how the TBD could best allocate the existing $20 VLF that generates about $6.8 million annually.  CTAC’s recommendation includes allocations for additional pavement preservation, street cleaning, safe pedestrian and bicycle pathways, and transit corridor improvements. Seattle City Councilmembers in their role as TBD Boardmembers will review transportation funding needs and soon consider these recommendations as they relate to other funding plans.”

Transportation Benefit District (TBD):  In September 2010, the Seattle City Council created CTAC III through Resolution 31240.  The TBD Board will receive guidance and advice from CTAC III about how to spend the existing $20 Vehicle License Fee (VLF). CTAC III will also provide advice on whether to seek voter approval for as much as an additional $80 VLF and/or other fees that would require voter approval. CTAC III’s recommendation will include advise on what improvements and activities should be funded with any new voter-approved transportation funding. 

The TBD Board will conduct a review of Seattle Department of Transportation’s (SDOT) finances and project needs and consider the CTAC III recommendations. Ultimately, the vast majority of funding options, other than a vehicle licensing fee, would need to be approved by the voters through a ballot measure.

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