Renovated Sandel Park play area opens in Greenwood

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Today’s dreary weather is the sort of thing that makes you yearn for warm summer days to come — the kind of days spent on the playground.  There’s good news coming out of Seattle Parks & Recreation today as they’ve opened up the renovated play field at Sandel Park.

Seattle Parks and Recreation opened the new play area at Sandel Park today. Located in the Greenwood neighborhood at 9053 1st Avenue NW, this renovation project improves access and provides safer play equipment that builds upon the natural landscape at the park. 

The community initiated renovation project received planning funding through a Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF). The Parks and Green Spaces Levy provided the funding for final design and construction. Low fencing will remain in place near the play area to allow the grass to establish.

In the last six months, Seattle Parks has opened four additional renovated play areas in parks around the city: Fairmount Park, Matthews Beach, Lawton Park and Beacon Hill Park. The Parks and Green Spaces Levy funding provided necessary ADA access improvements, improved safety standards on play equipment, and increased overall visibility into the park for safety at all hours for these existing play areas.

Seattle voters passed the Parks and Green Spaces Levy by a 59% vote in November 2008. The $146 million Levy provides improvements to 23 neighborhood play areas and development funding for projects such as improved playfields, reservoir lid parks, community gardens, and safety upgrades at city owned cultural facilities.