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Seattle Magazine earned the scorn of Beacon Hill residents with a recent mock love letter from a frenemy.  The writer feigns disappointment in Beacon Hill, but in an oddly condescending way. “And we had such high hopes for a special friendship… You have your very own superslick Link light rail station and are just so friggin’ close to downtown! It seems a no-brainer that’d we’d be besties. But we’re not and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.” The letter than runs through a series of supposed slights suffered by Beacon Hill recently, including the loss of an uber-hip restaurant/butcher and the move by Amazon from the PacMed building to “younger, sexier South Lake Union.” “Such typical first-wife treatment.”

If you missed it, here’s the link. The best part is the string of comments that follow from Beaconites more than happy to be over-looked by Seattle Magazine. First Place goes to the commenter who notes sarcastically he or she would write more often if the broadband on Beacon Hill worked consistently and says wrapping up: “Gotta go grab some yummy Philiphino [sic] food served up by a cross-dressing broadway [sic] show tunes singing waiter.”

Careful. You’ll make Amazon regret their move.