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  I joined Groundswell NW at their annual meeting and dessert potluck last night, and it was an excellent event with great conversations about our parks and the outlook for open spaces in Northwest Seattle. Groundswell NW’s focus is on accomplishing major goals for community parks and habitat, and they help organize neighborhood participation in a plethora of projects. From p-patches to playfields, streetscapes to salmon habitat, they put people, ideas, and active participation together. Collaboration leads to securing assistance and resources from a number of locations, all in the name of community-driven improvement. Groundswell NW has done good work in and for the Ballard area. Their website says it best: Good things happen when people participate in their communities. Whether you are just starting or have been involved in community activities for a long time, there is a place for you inn Groundswell NW. Volunteer opportunities abound. The event calendar is updated frequently and you’re encourage to check it out and join Groundswell NW’s efforts.