Day Three of Biking To Work

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Today when I arrived at 7:00 AM at Weather Watch Park I was quickly joined by Sven Sorensen.  A few minutes later John Theodore rode up, then Ken Anderson on his new electric bike, and finally Jonathan Fitzpatrick a freelance reporter working this morning for the West Seattle Blog came all the way from Edmonds to ride with me.

My riding companions

The five of us set off to downtown and of course we talked all along the way about biking conditions and policies and experiences.  We had to ride side by side sometimes to hear each other.  That really annoyed fast bikers who passed us.  One yelled a– h—s as he passed.  I didn’t think we were taking up that much room!

It was a great experience (other than the enraged biker experience).

I can’t bike in tomorrow because I have a 7:00 AM meeting in Georgetown.   But I will be there on Friday, same time and place.

Who knows who will show up?