Day Two of Walk Bike Ride Challenge

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I‘ve biked to work many times.  But I am writing my experiences this week for the first time.  I sent out a general invitation to meet people at 7:00 AM at Weather Watch Park to ride into downtown together.

Yesterday no one joined me for the ride.

Tom's bike ready for the commute to City Hall

That misty morning I was sprayed by automatic sprinklers which popped up like snipers as I rode by.  To see how construction was coming I rode under the Spokane Street Viaduct and then along First Avenue to Pioneer Square.  I won’t do that again! Way too much traffic, construction and rough roads!

Riding home was exquisitely beautiful. Many people were strolling in the bike lanes some with dogs on leashes that snared and tripped up passersby.

Peaceful Monday evening scene

Today I recruited my friend Jane Nishita to ride in with me.

Jane met me this morning to ride into downtown

I love chatting with Jane along the way.  We worked to keep out of the way of the speeding bikers who passed us.  We took Marginal Way which is a much better route especially in the area of the newly paved road by the Coast Guard site.  Jane and I headed our separate directions at First and Washington.  Bye Jane! What a great way to start the day!

I will be starting out again tomorrow at 7:00 AM from Weather Watch and hope that I meet some new people there.