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    You Will Be Missed

    My time on Council has been filled with heated policy debates and second-floor strategizing, and I’ve come to admire my colleagues during this process. It takes all kinds of thinkers to make good policy, and I hope you enjoy the following observations and tongue-in-cheek predictions about my Council family. At the very least, these will likely deter any future Councils from appointing me.

    Nick Licata
    Observation: Brilliant and dangerously charming strategist with a creative streak
    Prediction: Opens Uncle Nick’s Policy, Poetry, and Pot Shop

    Tim Burgess
    Observation: Deliberate, steady thinker with an enormous heart for protecting the vulnerable
    Prediction: Imposes tax on pot/policy/poetry shops to fund early childhood education

    Tom Rasmussen
    Observation: Tenacious voice for neighborhood quality of life
    Prediction: Founds the West Seattle Secession Society

    Jean Godden
    Observation: Champion for the new generation of women
    Prediction: Starts a woman-majority media outlet, The Seattle Equality

    Bruce Harrell
    Observation: Measured decision-maker always ready to lighten the mood in chambers
    Prediction: Institutes technical fouls and a 20-second shot clock on Council deliberations

    Sally Bagshaw
    Observation: Eternal optimist with unbridled energy and ideas
    Prediction: Extends homeless shelters to open 36 hours, eight days a week

    Mike O’Brien
    Observation: Eco-biko-urbanist and a very smart policy wonk
    Prediction: Establishes bike-pool lanes for tandem riders

    Kshama Sawant
    Observation: Exceptional on-message community organizer who forces Councilmembers to take a stand
    Prediction: Appoints me to run the Municipal Broadband Department


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