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Danish Ambassador to Discuss Future Climate Neutral Collaborative with Washington

City of Seattle

Councilmember Mike O’Brien

Danish Ambassador to Discuss Future
Climate Neutral Collaborative with Washington

SEATTLE – The Danish Ambassador to the United States will present a vision for a “Climate Neutral Collaborative” between Washington State and Denmark this Friday at City Hall. Friday’s meeting brings together the top renewable and sustainable energy leaders from Washington State and Denmark together to pool their ideas and resources to move the state and the country toward the goal of being climate neutral by 2050.

Councilmember Mike O’Brien will discuss the potential for a partnership between Seattle and Copenhagen.

Peter Taksoe-Jensen, Danish Ambassador to the United States
Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien
Patricia Chase, i-SUSTAIN
Mark Schleck, Scan|Design Foundation
Leaders in the fields of renewable and sustainable energy

Presentation on a proposed “Climate Neutral Collaborative” between Washington State and Denmark


Friday, November 19, 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Seattle City Hall
Bertha Knight Landes Room, first floor
600 Fourth Ave, Seattle 98104

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Last week I joined thirty five other elected and tribal officials from Washington, Oregon, and Montana to send letters to President Barack Obama, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Washington Governor Jay Inslee and the Washington Department of Ecology asking for a broad and inclusive review of the three coal export sites proposed for […]

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Data is now in on recycling outcomes for 2012, and Seattle continues to move steadily towards the Zero Waste goal. The City reached a 55.7% recycling rate in 2012, with record recycling rates for both single family and multi family sectors. Tons of waste sent to the landfill declined to 316,000, a reduction of more […]

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On Monday, June 17, the Council unanimously adopted an update to Seattle’s Climate Action Plan that sets Seattle on a course towards our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. I proposed adopting the ambitious ‘Carbon Neutral by 2050’ goal as a Council priority in 2010, and legislation accepting the goal was approved by the […]

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More Trees for Seattle

Seattle has accepted a big challenge:  to turn around the loss of tree cover from developing a City on this formerly forested land, and to restore and regrow as much of the urban forest as we can.  Trees not only because they make the City more beautiful and our neighborhoods more livable, but also help […]

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Climate Neutral Blog Post 16: The Intersection of Food and Climate

As I noted in an earlier post in this series, the food system and agriculture generate somewhere between 15% and 20% of America’s carbon emissions (depending on the study and what it counts).  American food travels an average of 1500 miles from farm to plate.  Then there is the processing, storage, marketing, packaging, and shopping […]

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Carbon Neutral Blog Post 15: It’s Technically Possible

In my last post, I noted that the Council had adopted the Carbon Neutral Goal with some confidence that it is attainable, and that part of the basis for that conclusion was the findings in the report we commissioned from the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).  SEI was tasked with creating a scenario for achieving Carbon […]

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Carbon Neutral Blog Post 14 – Council Adopts Carbon Neutral Goal, Workplan

On Monday, October 3, the Seattle City Council unanimously approved Resolution 31312, endorsing a path toward reducing Seattle’s net greenhouse gas emissions level to zero by 2050. Section 1 of the resolution resolves that the “City adopts the following climate protection and adaptation goals:

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Carbon Neutral Blog Post 13: Household Actions Make a Difference

Much of the work on climate change has focused on making major policy or systems level changes that will have dramatic impacts on carbon emissions.  Critical as it is to change emissions systems, create new technologies, develop energy efficient buildings, or provide better travel options and renewable energy systems, most such big ideas require people […]

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Carbon Neutral Blog Post 12: Choosing Good Travel

Increasing density is a key strategy for achieving carbon neutrality.  However, it requires a significant level of effort and planning to ensure that dense neighborhoods include good schools, parks, public safety, and many other factors that make communities work. Dense communities reduce climate impacts through energy efficiency and conservation.  They also can reduce transportation emissions […]

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