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Our North Seattle Police Precinct

Thank you for your interest in the on-going efforts to replace the current North Precinct police station, a facility which provides public safety services for the nearly 300,000 Seattleites who live north of the ship canal plus all those who attend school, visit hospitals, and work in the area. The current North Precinct police station […]

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Support for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Opposition to the Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline

On Monday I will be introducing a resolution declaring the City of Seattle’s support for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe as the Tribe engages in a determined defense of their treaty rights and environmental heritage. I stood with my sisters and brothers and spoke at the anti-DAPL rally on Monday Sept. 1st, but I believe […]

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Resolution regarding the North Seattle Precinct

Thank you for your advocacy regarding the new North Seattle Precinct police station. On Monday, August 15th, the Seattle City Council took action passing a resolution to re-shape and provide much needed guidance regarding the new station moving forward. Replacing the failing station is a necessary, Seattle’s City Charter clearly calls out public safety as […]

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It is time for Live in D5!

You might have heard me or my staff talking about a District 5 arts and culture event recently, if you haven’t consider this your official invitation! This is the first ever councilmember led (and district specific) event that we are hosting. We intend for this to be an annual event so we hope you will […]

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A Find It Fix It Win!

On May 31st I joined Mayor Murray and numerous members of the city staff and community members for a community Find It Fix It walk around Aurora-Licton Spring Urban Village. During that walk I met a community member named Nathan. He expressed concern about illegal activity in neighborhood parks. I encouraged him to put his […]

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NE 130th Street Station FULLY funded in ST3!

Councilmember Juarez Hails Improved ST3 Proposal Amended Package to Include Full Funding for NE 130th St. Station SEATTLE – Councilmember Debora Juarez (District 5, North Seattle) issued the following statement after the completion of today’s Sound Transit Board meeting, during which time City of Seattle representatives presented an amendment to the Sound Transit 3 package […]

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Seattle Proposed Housing Levy

I am pleased to announce that today after 7 committee meetings the Seattle City Council took action unanimously passing the proposed Seattle Housing Levy. This proposal will now appear on the August ballot for voters to consider. In 2009, the voters of Seattle passed a Housing levy to set aside property taxes to pay for […]

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UPDATE! 130th Street Station Call to Action

I will be at the Sound Transit Board meeting to provide comments. I am your elected official but I am also a resident of D5 in the Pinehurst Neighborhood. I will be attending the Sound Transit Board meeting to provide public comment tomorrow and I want you to join me! Please arrive at Union Station […]

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If we are going to get the 130th Street Station, we need to work together!

If we are going to see some an amendment to the Draft ST3 Plan we need you to write in and tell the Sound Transit leadership that we need a commitment to build the 130th Street Station! I am not sitting around hoping there will be a change, I am out here pushing every button […]

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How to Set up a meeting with Councilmember Juarez on District Office Days

I want to meet with you! Every day my office receives requests for meetings at my district office, and believe me I want to get to them all. We have created a District Office Meeting Request Form to expedite requests. This form will help us get people on the calendar quickly and save you time. Just fill out the […]

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