Morales: Progressive Revenue Bill Includes Provision for $215M in Additional Funds, Represents ‘Major Structural Change’

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Morales’ $215M amendment serves to mitigate ‘overlapping crises’, address ‘devastating impact of layers of inequity’, and will help fund Community Wealth Building, Housing and GND

Councilmember Tammy J. Morales (District 2, South Seattle and the C/ID) issued the following statement after she and her Council colleagues voted 7-2 to pass amended Council Bill 119810 during today’s meeting of the Council’s Select Budget Committee:

“Today we voted on a major structural change in how we finance public services. Throughout this renewed budget conversation, I voiced my strong desire to see a sizable progressive revenue package that begins to address the enormity of the issues our city faces. 

“Little did I know when I co-sponsored the original bill that we would be staring down a $300 million budget shortfall or that we would be faced with a public health and financial crisis. 

“These overlapping crises have laid bare the devastating impact of layers of inequity in our society.  But this proposal begins to address the history of underinvesting in Black and Brown neighborhoods by shifting the burden to the wealthiest corporations in the city.  

“I want to thank the advocates and partners who helped bring the discussion to this point, and who I know will hold the Council and me accountable as we contemplate a spending plan on Monday which, going forward will include investments in the Green New Deal which transition us away from fossil fuels, and help to build community wealth through the Equitable Development Initiative, by an increase of $40 million more in revenue.  

“These are real dollars, for real people going right back into our community.

“This is a historic victory for the people of Seattle, who care deeply as I do about creating a more compassionate City and today we showed them that local government can deliver. 

“There has never in our history been a greater need or a more important investment in Black and brown communities, for folks who have routinely, repeatedly been harmed by this City.

“I want to thank the organizations in District 2 who have been advocating for the kind of investments that will serve our Black and brown neighbors. They have reminded me at every turn, and they have kept this Council accountable to the irrefutable face that if Black lives truly matter, then we must be sure that our actions reflect our priorities.  Thank you Got Green, Interim CDA, Puget Sound Sage, El Centro de la Raza, Rainier Beach Action Coalition and many others have underscored their priorities and their time with me to ensure that our community is reflected in this proposal.

“Above all, today’s support of a revenue plan that puts racial equity squarely at the center of this discussion — and Monday’s consideration of a spending plan that serves to right the historic wrongs done to Black and brown folks in our city — is a step towards bringing an ugly tradition to the end.  A tradition that has normalized the harm, hurt, destruction and death of Black and brown folks. We can do better, and we must do better.”