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I am excited to announce that I will Chair the City Council’s Transportation, Utilities (and Technology) Committee. This is an enormous responsibility and a vote of confidence in my fiscal accountability experience as these departments comprise more than half ($3.8 billion) of our city government’s budget of $6.5 billion. This Committee impacts everyone as we travel to and from our jobs and schools, as we rely on clean energy to run our homes and businesses, and as we strive to leverage the technological talent of Seattle to make our city government more efficient and responsive. 

  • Traffic congestion has been a big frustration for Seattle residents and businesses and there are no quick fixes. I look forward to pursuing sensible solutions to move the most people and freight in the most efficient and greenest ways possible, including the expansion of transit.
  • I look forward to using the best available science and data analyses to accelerate meaningful results on the City’s Climate Action Plan and other initiatives to benefit our environment.
  • I want to push back where possible on rising costs of our city government that are regressive, so we can relieve some of the pain of those utility bills that keep going up every year.
  • We also have an incredible opportunity to leverage our city’s world-class technology to improve data collection to get positive results from city government and to improve the customer service experience of our city’s residents. I look forward to consulting with local technology companies to determine where we can leverage their expertise to help us solve some of our city’s most challenging issues.

Due to the increase in the number of members for each committee, the committee work of Councilmembers will increase by 50% over past City Councils. (Councilmembers previously served on four standing committees, but now will serve on six.)  I look forward to serving on the following standing committees:

  1. Transportation, Utilities (and Technology Committee), Chair.
  2. Public Assets and Native Communities Committee, Vice Chair (includes Parks Department covering all District 4 parks from Terry Pettus Park to Gas Works Park to Magnuson Park).
  3. Land Use and Neighborhoods, Member.
  4. Economic and Community Development, Member.
  5. Public Safety & Human Services, Alternate.
  6. Sustainability and Renters Rights, Member

Also, I will serve on two “select committees” that are comprised of all 9 councilmembers:

  • Budget Committee
  • Select Committee on Homelessness

Let’s get to work!

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