Johnson To Join NHL Seattle After Completing City Council Tenure

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Councilmember Rob Johnson (District 4, Northeast Seattle) issued the following statement today to announce that he has accepted a position with NHL Seattle:

“Today I’m announcing that I’ve accepted a job with NHL Seattle to work on transportation planning.

“I was approached by NHL Seattle in November of 2018 after I announced that I wasn’t running for re-election to consider joining their staff and I’ve recently accepted that position. I’m very excited to be joining their team to bring world class hockey back to Seattle and ensure that fans, staff, and employees can get to our games safely and reliably.

“As a result of my future employment with NHL Seattle and on the advice of the Seattle Ethics and Elections Office, I will be recusing myself from all briefings and discussions on any topic related to the redevelopment of Key Arena and the city’s associated contractual and transactional relationships with Oak View Group.

“I continue to be honored to represent the residents of District 4 and look forward to the many topics I’ll get to work on in 2019 during the remainder of my time on the City Council including the upcoming adoption of citywide Mandatory Housing Affordability program, selection of the preferred alternative for the West Seattle-Ballard Light Rail Extension, the implementation and evaluation plan for the Families, Education, Pre-School, and Promise program, the proposed 2019 libraries levy renewal and many more.”