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Council Bill 119093 is scheduled for a Full Council vote on Monday Oct. 3rd at 2pm in Council Chambers at City Hall.

The purpose of this legislation is to encourage more housing and pedestrian friendly development in the C1, C2 and NC3 designations within the boundaries of the Aurora Licton Urban Village (ALUV). The goals of this legislation are consistent with the 2035 Comprehensive Plan, the Aurora Licton Urban Village neighborhood plan and the Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) citywide re-zones, all of which have had community and council review over the last several years, with more review to come in 2018.

The legislation will disallow certain types of heavy commercial being developed inside the ALUV boundaries. No businesses will be asked to leave or relocate as a result of the legislation. Any new business development that has recently been permitted or is in the permitting process will still move forward.

When the new upzones go into effect (expected in 2018) these heavy commercial uses will no long be allowed in ALUV anyway, so this is trying to build a bridge. Housing and more pedestrian friendly development will still be allowed on those lots and we are hoping this will encourage those owners, if they plan to develop, to do so by creating housing and/or pedestrian friendly commercial spaces.

The ALUV community has been welcoming to potential dense zoning changing and more pedestrian friendly development. However, since they are part of the citywide re-zone they will have to wait, and this is a way for us to not lose too much development capacity with things that are incompatible with the vision for that neighborhood and will be legally incompatible in the future.

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