Councilmember Johnson’s Statement on Sound Transit 3 Approval

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Councilmember Rob Johnson (District 4, Northeast Seattle) issued the following statement following voters’ approval of Sound Transit 3:

“I am so excited to celebrate the passage of this ballot measure and thank my fellow Seattleites for joining me in recognizing how critical ST3 is for the region’s future. Building more transit is so much more than the additional miles light rail will cover; it is about the incredible positive impacts this kind of transit expansion has on a region.

“This represents a historic investment for cities across the region. Today, we made a huge step toward combating the suburbanization of poverty, preventing displacement, and promoting transit oriented development.

“I’m thrilled that we’re building light rail to West Seattle by 2030, to Ballard by 2035, infill stations at Graham Street, 130th, and Boeing Access Road, and facilitating the expansion of local transit routes that can act as east/west connecters to this north/south spine.

“The passage of ST3 also welcomes 25 years of economic progress; these rails ensure employment for thousands of workers in the region.

“ST3 is about so much more than light rail. It’s about realizing the vision of the kind of region we want to be as we grow and the values we will embrace while doing so and long after.

“ST3 me to everywhere!”