Don’t be a Jerk Part 2

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This is the second in a series of blog posts about what we can do to reduce traffic congestion around our city.

First, I shook my finger at drivers who were blocking intersections, driving in designated bus and bike lanes and blocking pedestrian crosswalks.

Since I wrote that post, I have had multiple conversations with SDOT and the Seattle Police Department asking them to ticket and fine bad behavior.  I expect action soon.

When I wrote “Don’t be a Jerk” – discouraging drivers from Blocking the Box–I  didn’t know my friend Janette Sadik-Kahn, former Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation,  had created and posted several videos by the same name.   These videos focus on urban bike riders.  Here are two good ones.

So, in the spirit of sharing shame, this second blog focuses on bike riders.

I frequently hear from people who –rightfully — object to those riders who blow through red lights, don’t signal, ride too fast on the sidewalk and generally think they can ride wherever and however they want.

Fair is fair.  Bike riders need to obey the laws too.

I’m a bike rider, do my best to follow rules, yet I still hear from a specific drivers who hate to share the road with those of us who aren’t in cars.   Drivers need to realize that we urban riders are here to stay and we riders must not give them any more ammunition.



Next up:  Pedestrians.