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Dispensary clustersOn Monday, July 13 the City Council passed Council Bill 118419, to create a new marijuana regulatory license. All marijuana-related businesses will be required to attain this license by July 1, 2016. On the same date, state law will require a license from the Liquor and Cannabis Board in order for businesses to continue operations.

Businesses serving medical patients that obtained a business license before 2013 will be eligible for the state license, and can continue operations until July 1, 2016, or beyond if they attain the state license. This will allow medical patients to receive marijuana suited to their medical needs.

Enforcement for businesses not eligible for the license will be guided by Resolution 31595, also passed by the Council. The resolution creates three tiers of enforcement. Enforcement will begin with Tier 1, which includes, for example, establishments without business licenses and delivery services for recreational marijuana.

The legislation continues the integration of marijuana businesses into Seattle’s regulatory structure and business climate. It builds on previous Council action to land use regulations in 2013 in 2013, and to require marijuana-related businesses to abide by city rules and regulations in 2011.