What do the applicants to replace Councilmember Sally Clark stand for?

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On April 21st, I sent the following questions to the finalists for City Council Position 9 who applied to fill the vacancy left by former Councilmember Sally Clark. This will allow the public to learn of the stances of the finalists regarding some of Seattle’s most important issues.

My email to the applicants is provided below, and I will post responses as they come in.

Dear City Council Position 9 Applicants:

Congratulations on being on the short list of candidates!

I believe this is a valuable opportunity for the Council to select a candidate who has a proven track record of advocacy on social, economic, and racial justice. This is not simply about selecting a functionary; being on the Council means one has the chance to bring forward and vote on policy that can have a serious impact on the lives of working families in Seattle.

To that end, here is a list of questions seeking your positions on some of the most important issues facing councilmembers in 2015. It would be very useful to have your responses before the Council’s public hearing on Friday, so the public has the benefit of this information.

1. Do you support rent control?

2. Do you support enacting the maximum legal linkage fee on developers, estimated to be close to the equivalent of discounting 10% of apartments to affordable rates?

3. What do you think is the most urgent public decisions facing councilmembers in 2015?

4. How should Seattle address the growth in homelessness?

5. Do you support increasing the penalties and remedies for wage theft?

6. Do you think human services in Seattle are adequately funded? If not, how would you fund them?

7. What is your opinion of Bertha and the tunnel project?

8. In light of the gender pay gap, would you have voted for or against the tip penalty in the $15/hour minimum wage law?

9. Do you think Black Lives Matter, and do you think it is important for politicians to say, “Black Lives Matter?”

10. Do you support the business head tax, capital gains tax, and other forms of progressive taxation?

Thank you,