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Mayor Murray declares victory on Pre-K Proposition 1B

City of Seattle

Mayor Murray declares victory on Pre-K Proposition 1B

Mayor Murray released the following statement on the passage of Proposition 1B:

“The passage of Proposition 1B is a huge win for Seattle’s kids and for Seattle’s future.

“Tonight marks the beginning of the end of Seattle’s achievement and opportunity gap. Tonight marks a significant step toward making Seattle a city where students of all races and    incomes are able to succeed in our public schools.

“This is not just an important step forward for early childhood education in this city. It also says something bigger about Seattle, about who we are as a city.

“This is how progressives unite around a common cause, and, working together from a common set of values, can achieve something that will have a positive impact on this city for generations. 

“With this vote, Seattle is providing a model for the rest of the state and for the nation about how we can ensure that every child – no matter what their circumstances – will have a chance to thrive and succeed in life.



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