First Look at the West Seattle Route of the Seattle Bicycle Plan

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Often I meet with people to learn more about their traffic and transportation concerns.  For example, I have ridden in a large oil tanker truck to experience the challenges of freight from Ballard to Harbor Island.  I have gone out on boats in the Ship Canal to learn more about maritime and industrial concerns and I have walked streets that need sidewalks and met with senior citizens to learn about their needs for better crosswalks near retirement homes.

The result of these meetings and walks and rides is that I am more informed and more able to focus City transportation resources to areas of the greatest need.


Recently the West Seattle Bike Connections invited me to join them on a bike ride primarily in the Highland Park and Delridge Neighborhoods to see and learn more about their recommendations for improving the bicycle routes identified in the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan.  Here is a great link to the West Seattle Blog Article summarizing the ride:

If you would like me to join you in your neighborhood to learn more about how I may be of assistance to you about traffic or pedestrian or bicycle issues please contact my office.