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Legislation approved by the Seattle City Council on July 7, 2014, and filed with the City Clerk

Scanned copies of the signed legislation are available in the database records linked below:

Ord. 124525
C.B. 118136

AN ORDINANCE approving and confirming the plat of “Residences at Fairview Addition” in portions of Section 17 and Section 20, Township 25 North, Range 4 East, W.M. in King County, Washington, with a modified plat condition; accepting a surety bond under subsection 23.22.070.C of the Seattle Municipal Code; and setting a date for completion of required facilities and improvements.

Ord. 124526
C.B. 118139

AN ORDINANCE relating to taxicabs and for-hire vehicles; repealing Ordinance 124441 relating to companies and drivers of a new type of for-hire vehicle in order to create a pilot program for transportation network companies and affiliated drivers and vehicles.

Ord. 124527
C.B. 118141

AN ORDINANCE appropriating money to pay certain audited claims and ordering the payment thereof.

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