Legislation approved by the Seattle City Council on June 2, 2014, and filed with the City Clerk

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Scanned copies of the signed legislation are available in the database records linked below.

Ord. 124490
C.B. 118098

AN ORDINANCE relating to employment in Seattle; adding a new Chapter 14.19 to the Seattle Municipal Code; establishing minimum wage and minimum compensation rates for employees performing work in Seattle; and prescribing remedies and enforcement procedures.

Ord. 124491
C.B. 118066

AN ORDINANCE relating to the Department of Parks and Recreation and Seattle Public Utilities; transferring partial jurisdiction of a portion of Seward Park, located beneath and adjacent to the tennis courts and adjacent parking lot, from the Department of Parks and Recreation to Seattle Public Utilities for maintenance, repair and operation of a combined sewer underground storage tank, associated underground pipes and electrical lines, and limited surface ancillary facilities; and superseding certain requirements of Ordinance 118477, which adopted Initiative 42.

Ord. 124492
C.B. 118094

AN ORDINANCE relating to the 2014 Budget; amending Ordinance 124349, which adopted the 2014 Budget, including the 2014- 2019 Capital Improvement Program (CIP); changing appropriations to various departments and budget control levels, and from various funds in the Budget; adding new projects; revising project allocations for certain projects in the 2014-2019 CIP; creating positions; modifying positions; lifting a proviso; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts; all by a 3/4 vote of the City Council.

Ord. 124493
C.B. 118109

AN ORDINANCE appropriating money to pay certain audited claims and ordering the payment thereof.

Res. 31522

A RESOLUTION of intention to modify the assessment rates and modify the boundaries for the West Seattle Junction Parking and Business Improvement Area.

Res. 31524

A RESOLUTION requesting that the Department of Finance and Administrative Services work with the City Council and other appropriate City departments and stakeholders to strengthen implementation of any local minimum wage ordinance.