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Seattle Preschool Program
A recent survey of 1,300 Seattle parents demonstrates wide support for elements included in the Seattle Preschool Program. Conducted by EMC Research, the survey found 96% of the parents believe that every child should have the opportunity for high-quality preschool regardless of family income, and 90% agree that government should help families pay for high-quality preschool.

Regardless of background or neighborhood, affordability and quality are what parents most want in a preschool program. These values align directly with the outcomes the Seattle Preschool Program will deliver.

The survey also found only 33% of parents had their children in full time preschool. Hispanics, African-Americans, and parents living in lower income communities were less likely to have sent their children to preschool.

The survey was conducted to obtain substantive input from a wide range of parents and guardians. The Council also sought to discover why the respondents' children do or do not attend preschool and how many of those whose children do not currently attend preschool would likely enroll their children if high-quality preschool were available and affordable. 

The survey, authorized by City Council Resolution 31478, was part of a comprehensive outreach strategy to inform the development of the Seattle Preschool Program, which included input from stakeholder workgroups and other feedback from the community. 

Unlike most surveys of only 400 or so residents surveyed in English, this preschool survey surveyed three times that number and conducted interviews in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Somali and Cantonese. Nearly one-third (32%) of the respondents were born outside of the United States.

The complete poll results are available here.