Celebrate Marvin Gnad’s Success! Off Seattle Streets, on his way back home to Kansas

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Reprinted below is an article I wrote for Real Change about my friend Marvin. See details below for his going away party next Friday, March 28th.

Marvin Gnad sells Real Change on the corner of 1st and Marion nearly every morning.  He is one of the few people smiling at 8:00 a.m. He tells me his Joke of the Day (some truly hilarious) and he’s shared much about life on the streets.

To be sure, it’s been tough.  People have spit on him. Some have allowed their dogs to pee on his shoes.  Most walk by him, eyes averted.  Lucky ones have been kinder; they’ve bought his paper and taken the time to speak with him.


Marvin contributes to our city, every day, with his good humor and positive attitude. Thanks to Real Change for the photo and support.

Those of us who have gotten to know him will be celebrating his success on Friday night, March 28, at 7:30.  Marvin has paid his debts and he is going home.  Back to Fort Hays Kansas.

If you know Marvin, or if you WANT to get to know him, you’re invited to his going away party.  Details below.

Marvin once said to me, “How many people do you know who will live through hell to keep a promise?”  He’s on the top of my list.

Marvin had a wonderful wife to whom he was married just two months before she passed away in her sleep. He speaks of her lovingly. Sherry had two children who he promised to raise as his own.    He had three sons from a previous marriage for whom he has been paying child support.

His career has been varied and mixed – he was in the military “Can you believe jumping out of airplanes when you’re afraid of heights?” he asked.  He bought and sold antiques, he baked at the Alki Bakery, and he cooked at Randy’s Restaurant.    All of these options disappeared when his health deteriorated.

I ask him what he’ll miss from Seattle.  He smiled. “This is an unusual town.”  The Santa Crawl was one of his favorites, watching hundreds of Santas ho ho ho’ing between the pubs on a December Saturday.

As of March 31, he will be debt free.  April 1, he’s on a bus back home.  Thanks to Rev. Sandy Brown for opening his conference room for the party, and to Tim Harris of Real Change for supporting the effort to celebrate Marvin.

Please join me for Marvin’s party:

  • Friday, March 28, 7:30 p.m. at
  • First United Methodist Church,
  • 180 Denny Way entrance next to the Blaine Center.
  • Bring: a card and any remembrance you’d like to give Marvin.

Marvin, you’ve made lots of friends and I will miss you.

–Sally Bagshaw, Seattle City Councilmember