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In January, I reported that the winning bid for renovating the City’s Building 30 at Magnuson Park came in below estimates, saving the City roughly $392,000. The total budget is $8,453,000.

Structural steel being installed

The Hangar

I recently received an update from the Department of Parks and Recreation’s (DPR) Cheryl Fraser. She recalled that the initial project schedule called for the East Wing construction completed by June 30, the Hangar completed by August 1, and the West Wing by September 1.  This is the schedule, currently:


  • East Wing was 80% complete by June 30. Earthcorp has moved back into Building 30 in the NE corner. The remaining spaces have been delayed due to added scope (boiler replacement and bathrooms).
  • Hangar construction will be completed by Aug 1. No date yet on when tenants can move in.
  • The West Wing may be completed in September, but due to some construction staffing hiccups, that may slip to the end of October.
  • October 12th dedication.

    Structural steel being installed

    Structural steel being installed

Artist Spaces

DPR has contacted artists from their waiting list and artists displaced from Building 11 and are conducting site tours for artists every other Wednesday.  DPR will soon open to the public the artist spaces in Building 30.

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