Guess what landed on my porch last night?

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photoAfter working for three years to reduce the distribution of unwanted yellow pages phone books in Seattle, guess what was left on my porch yesterday?  A re-usable bag with two phone books in it.  Whoops!

In April, the City signed a Statement of Shared Principles with the yellow pages industry, signaling their good-faith effort to not deliver phone books to Seattle residents who have opted-out – via the industry sites or the City’s Municipal Opt-Out System.  Per this agreement, the city is closely tracking this delivery cycle and the industry is schedule to report on their outcomes at the end of the year.

I hope that the mis-delivery to my house yesterday was an exception and not the rule for distribution this summer.  If you opt-ed out of yellow pages through or previously through the city-sponsored municipal opt-out system and you receive a book this summer, please let my office know:, 206-684-8800.