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The City of Seattle and yellow pages publishers recently reached an agreement to provide residents and businesses easy control of the delivery of yellow pages directories to their homes through www.YellowPagesOptOut.com.

I encourage any Seattelites who are still receiving yellow pages directories to go to www.YellowPagesOptOut.com. May 6 is the deadline for opting out of Dex yellow pages directories, if you have not done so already. There you can set your preferences so you  only receive the directories you want, or you can opt out of all directories at once.

I thank the industry for agreeing to honor all existing opt outs and for taking significant steps to develop this nationwide opt-out system, which has participation from all major publishers, a new user-friendly interface and a complaint system where concerned residents can get quick, reliable feedback.

Residents who already opted out of yellow pages directories will not need to opt out again, maintaining the gains we have made to reduce waste and costs associated with recycling those unwanted books. The City of Seattle’s Municipal Opt-out system, operated in 2011-2012 reduced over 400 tons of paper annually from unwanted yellow pages.  Nearly 75,000 homes and businesses opted out of over 440,000 directories.  In all, Seattle has seen a two-thirds reduction in yellow-pages directories delivered each year in Seattle – a savings of 1,000 tons of paper from pre-program levels.