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Courage, compassion, and gratitude: thanks to my friends at the Department of Parks and Recreation

There is much I would like to write and say about the March 8 shooting of our dear friend Bill Keller from the Associated Recreation Council.  Once again we have seen gun violence in our city, and only by grace is Bill alive.

I have been asked to be restrained in my comments at this point, but I want to say this:

To Bill Keller and his family I send my deepest condolences and positive energy for your full recovery.  Your office has been restored with new carpet, new paint, and will have a new door with a window.  It’s waiting for you.

To my Parks friends and colleagues, I say this:  I have heard from Christopher Williams and his executive team members how you have come together and dealt with this tragedy.  Thank you for your courage and response during those first frightening hours after the emergency.  Thank you for the resiliency you have shown to get back to work on March 9 with your game-day faces and smiles for those who entered your doors.  Thank you for facing the traumatic event with squared shoulders and for caring for the people who rely on you.  Most of all, thank you for your compassion, your love for each other, and your commitment to serve the people of this city.

I am proud to work with each of you.

With much love and gratitude,

–Sally Bagshaw

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