Action Summary, Monday 11/13/12

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The following is a summation of Council actions at today’s 2:00 p.m. Full Council meeting.

Councilmember Sally Bagshaw excused.


1. Clerk File 312571 CONFIRMED (8 – 0)

Appointment of Robert R. Foxcurran as member, Landmarks Preservation Board, for a term of confirmation to September 1, 2013.   

2. Clerk File 312572 CONFIRMED (8 – 0)

Appointment of Jennifer Tippins as member, Pioneer Square Preservation Board, for a term of confirmation to September 1, 2013.


3. Clerk File 311694 CONFIRMED (8 – 0)

Application of Gregory N. Nalbandian on behalf of John W. Lash for approval of a contract rezone of land at 10001 Lake City Way NE from Single Family 5000 (SF 5000) to Commercial 1 (C1-40), for future construction of an 800 sq. ft. accessory structure to an existing warehouse in an environmentally critical area (Project No. 3012420, Type IV).        

4. Council Bill 117650 PASSED (8 – 0)

Relating to land use and zoning; amending Chapter 23.32 of the Seattle Municipal Code at page 30 of the Official Land Use Map to rezone property located at 10001 Lake City Way N.E. from Single Family 5000 (SF 5000) and Commercial 1 with a 40 foot height limit (C1-40) to Commercial 1 with a 30 foot height limit (C1-30) and C1- 40 (Application of John Nalbandian for John Lash, C.F. 311694, Project No. 3012420, Type IV.) 

5. Clerk File 312119 GRANTED (8 – 0)

Council land use action to allow a new 19,800 square foot two-story clubhouse and driving range structure, a new 4,100 square foot cart storage structure and 20,000 square feet of paving improvements, including a request to waive development standards to allow field lighting up to 90 feet in height and netting and net poles up to 140 feet in height (Project No 3012845, Type V).