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Seattle City Council statement on likely passage of Seawall proposition

SEATTLE – Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, chair of the Council’s Transportation Committee, released the following statement on the likely passage of Proposition No. 1 for General Obligation Bonds for the Alaskan Way Seawall:

"On behalf of the Seattle City Council, I applaud and thank Seattle voters for understanding the need to replace this most basic piece of Seattle’s commercial and transportation infrastructure by approving Proposition No. 1. Rebuilding the seawall is critical to protecting the lives and property of our neighbors in downtown Seattle and along Alaskan Way and in the water."

The aging seawall has been considered vulnerable to an earthquake ever since the Nisqually Earthquake in 2011. Its collapse would have grave effects upon the businesses, utilities and roads along the waterfront and into downtown.

The measure was designed to fund the public safety need for a new seawall. The replacement project is also the critical first step in a larger vision to revitalize the downtown waterfront.

A strong and secure seawall will serve as the foundation and an important step in moving that revitalization forward. To meet the safety concerns caused by the seawall’s vulnerability, the City has an accelerated schedule planned for replacing the seawall. By approving this necessary funding now, the project will be able to take advantage of today’s favorable construction and bidding environment to begin this important project in 2013.

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