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Back in 2006, I worked to help Theatre of Puget Sound (TPS) promote a Free Night of Theatre in Seattle as a promotional event to get more butts in seats. The idea was that once exposed to live theatre, new audiences would come back and pay. I also worked with them in sponsoring a Council resolution establishing October as Live Theatre Week in Seattle.

“A Spring Play” at the Greenlake Field House, 1925, now known as the Bathhouse Theatre.

TPS has since built on that modest program to establish Arts Crush, a month-long event featuring family-friendly performances and happenings centered on creativity and community. They’re even giving away free stuff.

One of their featured events is Cornish College of the Arts’ new annual program called “Our Creative Society.” Cornish is one of the reasons Seattle has its reputation as an arts city. Cornish is recognized around the world as a premiere educator of artists and thinkers who have gone on to influence society. Northwest School artists Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Guy Anderson and William Cumming taught at Cornish. Martha Graham did, too. Merce Cunningham and Chet Huntley were Cornish students.  Composer John Cage worked at Cornish. He invented something called the prepared piano there in 1938. Heart’s Ann Wilson, actor Brendan Fraser and award-winning composer Wendell Yuponce all studied at Cornish.

Nellie Cornish, 1922, founder of Cornish College of the Arts.

This year’s inaugural Our Creative Society event opens on the theme of Beyond Art – Creative Thinking in Contemporary Culture. It kicks off with three events: a Happy Hour, Smoosh and a Day of Ideas.

The Happy Hour Open House takes place this Friday, October 5th, from 5:30 to 7 pm in their Main Campus Center, 1000 Lenora St., 1st Floor. It’s free and open to the public.

Smoosh, their opening night reception, follows right after, from 7 to 10 pm in their New Visual Arts Complex, 1000 Virginia St. It will include a performance installation by Kate Wallich, live music by Pollens, a rising band comprised of Cornish Music Department alumni, some DJ spinning, a catered food truck and complimentary cocktails. It’s a 21+ event and tickets will set you back $25 ($20 for students and Cornish alumni).

Finally, Cornish’s Day of Ideas happens on Saturday, October 6, from 9 am to 4 pm and is free and open to the public. It also takes place in their Main Campus Center, 1000 Lenora St. Consisting of a full day of moderated discussions revolving around art, education and society, it will feature a keynote conversation with New York Times bestselling essayist and author David Shields (Reality Hunger: A Manifesto) and Brangien Davis (Arts & Culture Editor at Seattle Magazine).

Check out Arts Crush’s schedule here and Our Creative Society’s full line up here.

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