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Legislation approved July 2, 2012, and filed with the City Clerk

PDF copies of the signed legislation are available in the database records linked below:

Ord. 123913
C.B. 117456

AN ORDINANCE relating to land use and zoning; amending Sections 23.04.010, 23.34.004, 23.69.032, 23.76.004, 23.76.005, 23.76.006, 23.76.008, 23.76.010, 23.76.012, 23.76.014, 23.76.015, 23.76.016, 23.76.018, 23.76.020, 23.76.022, 23.76.024, 23.76.026, 23.76.028, 23.76.032, 23.76.034, 23.76.036, 23.76.038, 23.76.040, 23.76.042, 23.76.046, 23.76.050, 23.76.052, 23.76.054, 23.76.056, 23.76.058, 23.76.060, 23.76.062, 23.78.002, 23.78.006, 23.78.012, 23.78.014, 23.79.006, 23.79.010, 23.79.012, 23.84A.014, 23.84A.024, 23.84A.025, 23.84A.030, 23.84A.032, 23.84A.036, 25.05.355, and 25.05.680 of the Seattle Municipal Code, repealing Sections 23.76.019, 23.76.049, and 23.76.068, and adding a new Section 23.76.067, to improve and clarify procedures for Master Use Permits and Council land use decisions.

Ord. 123914
C.B. 117476

AN ORDINANCE relating to Sound Transit’s Central Link Light Rail project; declaring portions of Tracts 9, 10, and 11 of the Plat of Lake Dell, portions of Tract 15 of Dunlap’s Plat of Land on Lake Washington, and portions of Block 2 Dunlop’s Supplemental to the City of Seattle to be surplus to utility needs; authorizing the transfer of jurisdiction over said real property from the City Light Department and placing it under the jurisdiction of the Seattle Department of Transportation; laying off and dedicating said property for street purposes; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.

Ord. 123915
C.B. 117477

AN ORDINANCE relating to the City Light Department, authorizing the Superintendent or his designee to grant an easement for a sewer main to Valley View Sewer District over a portion of The City of Seattle’s fee- owned transmission corridor located in Tukwila, Washington; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.

Ord. 123916
C.B. 117478

AN ORDINANCE relating to Sound Transit’s Central Link Light Rail Project; authorizing the Superintendent of Seattle City Light or his designee to accept the assignment and granting of certain utility easements from the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority, and to convey certain guideway easements to said Authority; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.

Ord. 123917
C.B. 117489

AN ORDINANCE relating to a pedestrian skybridge over and across the alley between 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue, north of Spring Street, amending Ordinance 120858, as amended by Ordinance 121855, updating the insurance and bond requirements, and amending the annual fee and other terms and conditions of the permit; renewing the term of the permit to Wallyson’s Inc.; providing for the acceptance of the permit and conditions; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.

Ord. 123918
C.B. 117502

AN ORDINANCE granting Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center permission to construct, maintain, and operate a service tunnel under and across Eastlake Avenue East, north of Aloha Street, for a ten-year term, renewable for two successive ten-year terms; specifying the conditions under which this permit is granted; and providing for the acceptance of the permit and conditions.

Ord. 123919
C.B. 117503

AN ORDINANCE relating to skybridge and other significant structure term permits; amending portions of the Seattle Municipal Code including Section 15.04.074, Sections of Chapter 15.64; adding Sections 15.64.081, 15.64.082, 15.64.083, 15.64.084, 15.64.085, 15.64.086, 15.64.087, and 15.64.110; and adding a new Chapter 15.65.

Ord. 123920
C.B. 117507

AN ORDINANCE appropriating money to pay certain audited claims and ordering the payment thereof.

Res. 31375

A RESOLUTION adopting revised rules for City Council quasi-judicial proceedings, and repealing the previous rules that were adopted by Resolution 31001.

Res. 31383

A RESOLUTION relating to the City Light Department; adopting a 2013-2018 Strategic Plan for the City Light Department and endorsing a six-year rate path required to support the Strategic Plan.

Res. 31391

A RESOLUTION revising certain General Rules and Procedures of the Seattle City Council; amending Attachment 1 of Resolution 31343, Section I.C.3 and Appendix A.

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