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Legislation approved June 6, 2012, and filed with the City Clerk

A PDF copy of the signed resolution is available in the database record linked below:

Res. 31387

A RESOLUTION providing for the sale and issuance of The City of Seattle, Washington, Drainage and Wastewater Improvement and Refunding Revenue Bonds, 2012; specifying the amount, maturities, interest rates and other terms of the bonds; providing for the payment of part of the cost of the Plan of Additions to the Drainage and Wastewater System of the City, the Reserve Requirement and the refunding of certain of the City’s outstanding bonds of the Drainage and Wastewater System, and the payment of the administrative costs of the refunding and costs of issuance and sale of the bonds; providing for the call, payment and redemption of the outstanding bonds to be refunded, appointing a refunding trustee and approving the form and execution of a refunding trust agreement, and authorizing the purchase of certain obligations and the use and application of money derived from those obligations; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.

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