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Copies of Words’ Worth poems that were read during my committee meetings have been available since 1998 for download from my website. Now, I’ve added video streams of those poetry readings thanks to the Seattle Channel’s video recordings of my committee meetings. Some people find in-person readings more compelling than reading a poet’s work from the printed page.

You haven’t heard of Words’ Worth? When I first took office I established this program of recurring poetry readings as a way to interrupt the routine of City business. All poets are paid and a curator selects poets to read in person at the start of my committee meetings. It may well be one of the more unique agenda items for a Council committee meeting.

At my last committee meeting, the current Words’ Worth curator, Sibyl James, invited Washington State Poet Laurette Kathleen Flenniken to read. Check out her reading on the Words’ Worth website, as well as other Words’ Worth poets going back to 2008, after which the Seattle Channel no longer posts videos online.

For readings between 1998 and 2008, you can still read the text of each Words’ Worth poem.

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