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On Monday, April 16 the City Council is scheduled to vote on Resolution 31367, approving the Seattle Transit Master Plan. The resolution was passed in the Transportation Committee on April 10; you can watch the committee discussion on the Seattle Channel website.

The Transit Master Plan is intended to guide SDOT for the next 10-20 years.

The legislation the Council will consider requires SDOT to provide annual status updates, and that the plan will be updated every five years.

The Transportation Committee, chaired by Councilmember Rasmussen, added a section requiring that SDOT keep the Council appraised of efforts involving the prioritization, planning, design and development of high-capacity projects.

The plan lists six priority strategies:

  1. Continue Implementation of Priority Bus Corridors
  2. Develop Center City Transit to Support Downtown Growth and Vitality
  3. Plan, Fund, and Build Priority High Capacity Transit Projects
  4. Enhance Walk-Bike-Ride Access where Needs are Greatest
  5. Improve Transit Legibility
  6. Pursue Funding to Enhance Transit Service and Facilities

Additional background information is available on SDOT’s Transit Master Plan website.

Implementation would require extensive cooperation with outside agencies, as King County Metro operates bus service, and Sound Transit operates light rail and regional bus routes. The state legislature would need to authorize any additional funding mechanisms.