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Legislation passed February 6, 2012 and filed with the City Clerk

PDF copies of the original, signed documents are available in the database records linked below.

Ord. 123821
C.B. 117396

AN ORDINANCE appropriating money to pay certain audited claims and ordering t he payment thereof.

Ord. 123822
C.B. 117394

AN ORDINANCE relating to the organization of City government; creating an Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs; establishing the powers and duties of the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs; renaming the Immigrant and Refugee Advisory Board to the Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Commission; establishing the responsibility to provide staffing for the Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Commission; amending Chapter 3.14 and repealing Sections 3.35.090, 3.35.100, 3.35.110, and 3.35.120 of the Seattle Municipal Code.

Ord. 123825
C.B. 117391

AN ORDINANCE authorizing the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation to sign an amendment to a lease with 2235 Fifth Avenue, LLC, a Washington Limited Liability Company, for a building and land located at 2235 Fifth Avenue for the Belltown Community Center, as described in the 1999 Community Centers and Seattle Center Levy.

Res. 31358

A RESOLUTION adopting the Seattle City Council 2012 Work Program.

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