The Christchurch School of Gymnastics to Visit Seattle

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I am hosting the Christchurch School of Gymnastics from Christchurch, New Zealand. They will be introduced at the Full Council Meeting Monday, March 12th at 2pm in Council Chambers at City Hall.

The gymnasts are participating in a competition in Seattle on the March 10th, 2012. Six of them are on the New Zealand team to compete at Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships in Everett.

 They are being accompanied by their coaches Iosif Ferencz of Great Britain and Svetlana Sazonova of New Zealand, manager /judge Avril Enslow and Chaperone Michelle Kingston-White.


Here is the list of who will be attending:

  • Natasha Boon Gymnast, New Zealand 26/02/2000
  • Waverley Gee Gymnast, New Zealand 7/06/1996
  • Charleis Kingston-White Gymnast, New Zealand 4/05/2001
  • Hanna Malloch Gymnast ,New Zealand 27/10/1998
  • Courtney McGregor Gymnast, New Zealand 17/11/1998
  • Rebecca Morrison Gymnast, New Zealand 3/08/1998
  • Tara Purvis Gymnast, New Zealand 8/01/1999
  • Charlotte Sullivan Gymnast, New Zealand 31/05/1998
  • Millie Williamson, Gymnast New Zealand 13/10/1999