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Many thanks to security guard Steve Otmar for finding the missing propeller stolen from Philip Theil’s back yard. Mr. Otmar was on his security rounds at the Northwest Corporate park located in Kent, WA when he found the missing propeller. The propeller was in the park with the towing straps still attached to it. He called Kent police department, who notified a tow truck to take it the Seattle Parks Department, the original recipient of the propeller.

I’m looking forward to having breakfast with Mr. Otmar.

Seattle Parks has possession of the propeller that was stolen earlier this week from the University District. After discovering the stolen propeller at the Northwest Corporate Park in Kent, a security guard contacted the Kent Police Department.

Can We Locate This Missing Propeller? If So, I’ll Buy Lunch!

I was distressed to learn this week that a 1,260 pound propeller was stolen from a fenced, residential yard in the University District. What makes this even more aggravating is that it was about to be donated to the City to be installed as a sculpture depicting our maritime heritage at North Passage Point Park on the north shore of Lake Union.

It seems that there is a good chance that the public might spot this and I want to offer this challenge: I will buy lunch for the person who spots this stolen propeller and reports it to the Seattle Police Department at 206-684-5011.

Please read the news release from the Department of Parks and recreation for more information.